My wife and I have been going through season 4 of Walking Dead now that it's on. We just ditched cable, so no new Walking Dead (I already looked up spoilers from the premiere last week and am kicking myself for doing so). But we just watched "The Grove" which has got to be the most horrifying episodes of that show… » 10/18/14 11:39pm Saturday 11:39pm

Thank you for saying exactly what I've believed for the entirety of my drinking years, about Heineken anyway. When it comes to cheap beer, I much prefer Miller Lite (although I still maintain that Big Flats is the gold standard of cheap, cheap beer). What's more, choice of light beer is, or was once, a political… » 10/14/14 2:04pm 10/14/14 2:04pm

Crowdfund? ETA: I should probably learn to spell WMU right

My submission for the International Medieval Congress at WMU (known to Medievalists as "Kalamazoo"; probably known to WMU students as "that week where the campus is full of vestmented Catholic clergy and drunk tweed-wearers") was not accepted this year, which was a bummer, because I thought I had a good shot at that… » 10/13/14 6:09pm 10/13/14 6:09pm